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Have a legal question? Facing prosecution on a criminal charge? Believe that your legal rights may have been violated? Need a will written or revised or a real estate transaction completed? Please make me the first attorney you contact no matter what your legal needs. If I am not the right person to address your legal issues, I promise to refer you to an attorney who is qualified to provide the help you need. Call and make an appointment today (651-842-8010.) Remember, the first meeting is always free of charge.

As an attorney who is admitted to practice in both the State of Minnesota and the Federal District Court of Minnesota, I can provide the kind of advice and legal representation you need. If you are facing criminal charges, I have the training and expertise required to identify what your defense options are. I also possess the skill needed to effectively argue your case before a judge or a jury, working toward the best possible outcome. I promise to strive diligently to protect your rights and to minimize the effects of your alleged violations on your freedom, your public record and your wallet.

I also provide competent guidance in many areas of civil law. I have the knowledge required to assist you in the navigation of real estate transactions, which often present complex issues. I understand what questions to ask and what steps to take to make sure that your will truly represents the outcomes you desire. I know how to steer an estate through probate to insure a fair and equitable distribution of assets, which corresponds to the wishes of the deceased.

Whatever legal needs you encounter, I am the attorney you should call.